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Airless Spraying


Advanced Decorating offer airless spraying it can be applied quickly and efficiently using the latest piston pump spray equipment spraying at up to 3000psi, with the right size spray tips to produce a stunning finish.

HVLP Spraying


Similar to a conventional spray gun using a compressor to supply the air, but the spray gun itself requires a lower pressure (6psi). A higher volume of air is used to atomize and propel the paint and results in a higher prportion of paint reaching the target surface with, less material consumption and less air pollution.

Dust free Sanding

Advanced Decorating use the latest technology on the market from Festool and Mirka, Advanced Decorating are pleased to be able to offer a more efficient and cleaner system of preparation than the conventional methed resulting in the smoothest of surface finishes for painting, staining or oiling giving far superior results.

Water Stains and Rust

Unfortunatly Advanced Decorating cannot fix the causes of water leaks but can recomend a professional tradesman. When the causes are fixed we can repair and block the stains from coming through the walls by using special cleaning products and paints for the job. Rust is cleaned off removed and stain sealed to stop any rust coming back.

Advanced Decorating Specialist

Artex Removal

Whether it is the removal or redecoration of an Artex ceiling or wall, Advanced Decorating are able to offer flawless results. We are even able  to offer dust free sanding option to finish plaster look.

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